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Warehouse Clearance Service

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Our Warehouse Clearance Service

Warehouses usually have quite large pieces of equipment and stock to be moved either to another site, to recycling or a waste disposal facility. With warehouses build-up of waste is a common problem for businesses, as most small to medium companies, don’t have a warehouse manager to keep on top of waste issues. It can be no-one fault, but warehouses tend to be a dumping ground for items that are no longer require in the main offices. The warehouse could be a build-up of paper, computers, old magazines, furniture and anything else you can think off. Having a clean warehouse is essential as can also be a health and safety issue if items are blocking fire doors or isles.

Securely Disposal of Non Required Paper Accounts

Brew Waste Removal will undertake to move the contents to sites which have previously been agreed with the occupiers or owners. If there are confidential paper accounts that need to be destroyed safely or shredded, please make aware of this is writing, so there is a paper trail for this to be correctly dealt with securely.

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