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Office Clearance Services

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Our Office Clearance Services in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Companies can change office premises when their lease runs out, or are moving to a larger or smaller work are. Brew Waste Management can simplify this task for you by clearing the office space completely of all furniture, filing cabinets and appliances with care and re-installing the goods in new accommodation if required.

Our Office Clearance Service is avaible in both Glasgow and Edinburgh and is one we have built up over the years. It can be a stressful time for the owners of the business when moving premises, but with our team of experienced employees, our office cleanance, we will handle the contents with due care. If necessary, our cleaning staff will ensure the vacated premises is left ready for the next tenants or owners as clean as possible.

Require office clearance service for your new tenant?

You also could be a business that lets out office space by floors within your building and requires an office clearance service. We will come in and clear up the level necessary, removing all the required items and making it ready for the next tenant arrival. Our office clearance can be completed with very little stress and on a time scale that’s agreed between the owner and Brew Waste Management. If there is multiply floors to be cleared, this job could be divided into sections with regards to a payment plan. If you have a 30-floor building to be emptied, this office clearance project could take many weeks to complete. This is when a payment plan would kick in and would be set up once five floors were clear, payment required for these first five floors.

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