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Communal Waste Pickup Service Glasgow/Edinburgh

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Our Communal Waste Pickup Service in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Brew Waste Removal can work with factors to pick up discarded Communal Waste that’s been left outside of properties. The common garden area is a favourite for leaving unwanted household waste like fridges, washing machines, cabinets and rugs.

It only takes one person to leave household waste in the common garden area they don’t want, and suddenly you can have a knock-on effect. People tend to do this to avoid paying the council charge for pick-up. Suddenly everyone within the block of flats thinks it’s ok to dump items there and the build-up of household equipment starts. This can be very frustrating for others in the apartments, and this is when factors are brought in. This means everyone within the close pays for the pick-up, but it is worth it as long as this process doesn’t start again soon afterwards.

We will work with factors in the pick-up of all the items discarded and make sure everything is collected quickly. This is a minimum pick-up fee for our service, but Brew Waste Management will handle this with care.

So if you’re a factor that is interested in using Brew Waste Removal, please contact us on 0141 375 3444 . We cover Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Central Scotland with this Communal Waste Management issue.

If you would like to contact us you can call us on 07968 006484 or you can submit a quotation form click here

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